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Article and Interview by: William Mohaupt
April 2017

December 31, 2016. Lovers and loners alike gathered across the globe to celebrate the birth of the New Year. At 11:59 p.m., Mariko Natasha Phillips stood in the small 10 x 15 back garden of her Hillsboro home tilting her head towards the sky to catch a glimpse of the Moon’s resilient glow escaping the cover of clouds that had gripped the heavens for weeks. Her husband held her close in a futile attempt to combat the chill. Watching as the clouds began to part Mariko’s mind wandered through the pre-frontal doorways of what 2017 could bring. One path revealed a pattern of missteps and excuses accented with a pirouette of loathing and regret – a road that was all too familiar to the 31-year-old whose immediate thought was akin to, “Been there, done that.” However, another path revealed itself to Mariko, an unfamiliar path. Having a curious mind from a young age that has only grown more curious with every trip around the Sun, Mariko cautiously projected her thoughts towards the unfamiliar. Mariko’s husband could tell she had fallen into the depths of her own thoughts when he noticed her pensive gaze, but has learned not to disturb the mind-wandering psychonaut. When Mariko retreated into her mind, the surrounding environment disappeared. There was no back garden or mist and the moon had all but disappeared. Mariko’s mind continued to drift towards the unfamiliar path that had revealed itself. Without a jolt, warning, or message, Mariko’s thoughts accelerated to the speed of light, passing millions of images per second projected across her mind’s eye like an endless row of drive-in theaters. The silver screens, Mariko gradually realized, displayed the life she always wanted but never dreamed of. The life she could achieve by following her conscious and unconscious instincts. Mariko’s spine shuddered at the images projected within her mind. Flashes of world travel, fit and healthy living and productive creativity teased Mariko’s time-travelling consciousness saying, “Here I am, now come find me.” They were so close, she thought. So close that she could feel the sands of Morocco hit her face as she sipped maghrebi mint tea in Tangier. So close that her self-consciousness dissolved for a moment with the image of a sculpted body. So close and yet so far away. Mariko travelled amongst these thoughts for a passing eternity until the 59th second of the 59th minute of the 23rd hour on December 31, 2016. “Happy New Year, My Love,” her husband whispered before his lips released her from the hypnotic trance. While the rest of the night moved on around her, Mariko found herself returning to the flashes she had. She knew a plan had to be set if she were to manifest these visions into reality. Within a few hours, Mariko was sketching ideas into the Moleskine journal she purchased on impulse days before, unconsciously predicting its usefulness. By the morning of January 1, 2017, Mariko had a plan, foolproof as plans go – a blog dedicated to an idea she had been developing for years: the Health Journey. And so it began. As Mariko has learned, untraveled roads exhaust courage, foster wisdom, and return a sense of liberating freedom. Despite the lessons she has learned and the sacrifices she has suffered, the aspiring blogger candidly confesses that she doesn’t feel like she is in any place to promote the exploits of her new path. However, as courage continues to serve her, Mariko let’s us glimpse into her well-guarded personal life with stories of motivation, inspiration, and commitment.

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We are here today with Mrs. Mariko Natasha Phillips of Hillsboro, Oregon. Mrs. Phillips, tell us a little bit about your background.

I was born in Long Beach, California. I was raised in Okinawa, Japan. My father was in the military. My mother is native Okinawan. And he spent his military career on Okinawa and that’s how I grew up over there. After I graduated high school I moved to San Diego to attend college out there at the University of California, San Diego. Moved to Las Vegas, Nevada. Opened up a business out there and now I am here in Oregon working as a supervisor at a residential facility for troubled youth.


Can you tell us a little bit about what your upbringing was like living in Okinawa with a mixed family? A military dad, an American dad, and an Okinawan mom.

Sure. I am the only girl of four children. I have three brothers and we spoke English and Japanese at home. Let’s see, my mother was pretty strict but if you followed her rules and things like that you weren’t getting in trouble as much.


Is that the kind of philosophy you bring to the troubled youth?

If you follow the rules you wont get in trouble? I guess it really depends on the situation. There are certain instances where kids will be breaking the rule because they don’t agree with them and you have to sit down and have a little talk with them.


So you grew up in Okinawa but you have lived, at this point, the bulk of your life in America. So that’s two very different cultures. What are some of the biggest influences out of both of those cultures that have made you, you?

That’s a good question.


I know it is, I wrote it

Laughs. I like being a part of 2 different cultures, I think, because I grew up learning how to function in one culture and also another culture. It has allowed me to easily adapt to different cultures and societies that I’m not familiar with instead of being, for example, upset or annoyed by a behavior trait that I’m unfamiliar with. I’ll have a tendency to ask why it may be that way, what sort of history does that sort of culture or that community have that has allowed it to evolve into what it is.


That doesn’t just influence your personal life but probably has a profound impact on your professional life too.

Yes! An example could be my first big job where I had to open up a bank account. It wasn’t like those jobs where you’re babysitting and you get money. My first real job was at a Japanese restaurant and customer service is an art when you go to Japan. I was a waitress as my first job. I learned customer service in Japan. So when I moved to the states when I was going to college and I got a job as a server and the customer service that I had learned in Japan is what I brought to the table when I was a server here in the states and it was very different than the rest of the servers that worked there and it was a very obvious difference too and I think that’s why I was so good at my job as a server in the States.


Speaking of the jobs that you’ve had, what are some of those that you’ve held throughout the years? We’ve got serving as being your first one. Where did you move on from there?

I was a server for a long time. I was an executive assistant at a financial company. I also owned a finance company after I learned the ropes. I would say those were my main jobs. And now I started off as a residential counselor and then I worked my way up to a supervisor.


You said you owned your own finance company. How did you come about that?

My brother introduced me to the financial world and after I broke off from working with him I started my own path into that world and the more I was involved in it the more I realized it wasn’t something I was passionate about or something that I wanted to do as a career or for the rest of my working life… journey.


What influenced you to take that leap to start pursuing your own financial company?

It was suggest by my brother that I did it.


Were you passionate about it at the time?

I think at the beginning I was cause it was new and different and I had never been a part of a corporate lifestyle but after I learned more about it and got involved in it, the more I was a part of that world, the more I realized it wasn’t something that I saw myself doing forever.


What do you see yourself doing forever?

Probably owning my own business and making it a business that my family can be a part of so that I can be with my family and my family can be a part of my life.


Do you have any specific ideas on what kind of business?

I don’t have specific ideas on what kind of business. However, the more I involve myself in my own passions the more the answer becomes clearer to me. So I’m not at all afraid that I wont figure that out.


Are you working on anything now that is helping you figure it out?



What would that be?

Right now I am working on developing a blog and creating content for the blog


Are you more passionate about this blog than you were about the financial sector?

Yes I am more passionate about this blog than I am at my current position at work


At the boys home that is?



What is your blog called and where can we find it?

It’s called Amorith Peredhil and I recently got my own domain at


What does Amorith Peredhil mean?

Supposedly it’s my name in Sindarin, one of the elven languages from the Lord of the Rings. I plugged my name into an online Sindarin name generator and that’s what I got. Laughs. I’ve used it for my social media sites ever since and thought it would be the best name for my blog when I was thinking what I should name it.


So I’ve got a couple questions now that we’ve narrowed in onto your current passion, which would be the blog. First let’s define a blog from your perspective.

A blog is a platform for individuals to utilize in order to express their creative content. Things they want to share with themselves. Their passions. Things they are in to. It’s sort of an outlet for people to share things with the world.


What are you sharing with the world with your blog right now?

What I’m currently sharing with the world are things that I am working on to develop my self. For example, living a healthy lifestyle, taking care of myself, taking care of my body through physical activity and the foods that I eat. That is really important to me and those are things that I share. What I’m currently doing, how I’m evolving, and how it continues to develop.


Give an example of what one of those posts might be like.

So something that I found myself interest in is finding healthy alternatives to meals that I really enjoy eating but I don’t think its healthy for me based off how my body tends to react to it. So I’ll have recipes for foods that I like to eat. Healthy alternatives to foods that I like to eat. Like pancakes, for example.


Healthy pancakes?

Healthy Pancakes!


Made of?

Bananas and eggs. And I’m currently working on a vegan version of that cause I don’t always like to eat eggs. I don’t always like to consume meat and so I’m working on developing a non-dairy, non-egg, and non-meat version of pancakes.


Are these recipes that you’re developing your self or did you see these recipes online?

Some recipes I’ll see online and then I’ll tweak them a little bit to fit my pallet. But most of the recipes are things that I just kind of created myself and messed around with.


Your current blog is focused on healthy living and healthy lifestyles. Is there anything else that it’s focusing on at the moment?

Well it depends on how you define what a healthy lifestyle is. To me healthy living isn’t just what you eat or how active you are in regards to exercising. It’s also about feeding your brain and gaining more knowledge. I want to focus on things that I’m doing to help develop my own brain and just learning about things.


So not just physical things that you put into your body but also more abstract things that you put into your mind. Why did you choose this kind of healthy lifestyle focus?

Because its what ultimately makes me feel good and I’ve noticed that when I’m living a more healthy lifestyle, negative things don’t have a big effect on me than if I weren’t living a healthier lifestyle. How I respond to things are different and I just notice that I’m overall a lot more balanced and patient and stable.


When did you start the blog?

I started the blog January 1, 2017


So it’s real new?

It’s very new, yes.


How many posts are you pushing at this point?

I think I have about 15 posts, give or take one or two.


15 posts in two months? So you’ve been pretty busy.

Yeah I was posting content at least 2-3 times a week.


What got you started blogging? Why did the idea appeal to you?

I have my favorite bloggers and YouTubers and when I would read their posts or watch their videos I found myself thinking how I would edit that video or how the layout of my blog would look. And that’s how the idea started that I should start my own. I can’t find any YouTube videos or blogs that are laid out or edited how I, as a viewer, would want to see them. And so that’s when I kind of decided maybe I should start blogging myself or creating videos.


You had mentioned that what had initially influenced you other than how you as a consumer would want to see a blog. You mentioned certain YouTubers and bloggers that you like. Do you want to name drop a couple people?

Sure! I think Chriselle Lim, she was my first blogger crush. I think she’s probably my main blogger where I’m making sure I’m up to date on all of her blog posts and videos. She was probably the first blogger that really got me into looking at people’s blog posts.


What is her blog?

The Chriselle Factor.


So what is it about The Chriselle Factor that got you hooked?

Seeing where she started from and where she’s at now. When I first started watching her YouTube videos, she was doing most of it by herself and now she has a whole team with her. Even though it doesn’t feel like she’s writing those posts or she’s taking those pictures, it still feels like it’s her because it’s sticking to what her passions are.


What does she specifically focus on?

She focuses mainly on fashion and beauty.


Do you focus on fashion and beauty?

Not so much because fashion and beauty isn’t so much my forte. However I would love to put information that I have out there about how I take care of myself. There isn’t a lot of information, for example, how to manage curly hair. I have really big curly hair and that info should be accessible to other people that have curly hair and are curious on how to manage it.


Is there anything outside of the blogging world or YouTube world that has influenced your desire to blog?

Yes, my husband.


How so?

Cause I would always talk about it but I wouldn’t do anything about it. And he kind of just pushed me and encouraged me to try it out and little by little just learn what it’s all about and see if its something that I actually want to do.


How did that work out for you?

It was the best decision I ever made. Well, one of the many best decisions I ever made. But it was definitely something I’m glad I started now rather than later.


Were you waiting for anything specific before starting the blog that you had in mind?

Yes, I was waiting until I actually had content to publish before I started blogging. Initially I was going to give myself a 6 month time frame to work on things and have content ready to be published. But my husband told me, “Still have that 6 month deadline, but post things. You dint have to promote your blog. But get used to how to blog and how to publish content on there so that by the time you reach your 6 month mark you will be familiar with the blogging templates.”


And is that what the importance of that decision came down, is that you learned how to, or are learning, how to blog without promoting it right now?

Yes, definitely.


So a lot of this section of the interview is going to be dealing with motivation. And with your specific industry of blogging. We want to discuss the motivations behind blogging. We talked about what motivated you to start a blog and what motivated you to immediately jump in and not stick to that planning stage. So I want to talk about the motivations of why you continue to blog.

There are several things. One, When I’m working on content and I publish it, I’m already working on the next thing. I really enjoy creating content, taking pictures, working on recipes, figuring out different things to post on the blog. That to me is very, very fun and that in itself is a motivating factor. Also, this whole idea of living a healthy lifestyle, which I like to call a Health Journey. Being able to document my Health Journey is another motivating factor. So I have a specific lifestyle I am trying to live by and that is called my Health Journey and then I get to blog about it. So being able to archive this journey that I’m on allows me not only to continue on the Health Journey but also feel motivated about blogging about it. It’s like this ongoing cycle.


 You said the term, “Health Journey.” I’ve never heard that before. What is a Health Journey?

So whenever people would see me eating healthy foods like a whole bunch of different fruits, or a really big salad, just fresh, local produce, people would ask me, “Are you on a diet or something?” And I would say, “Yes!” And their response would always be, “Why are you on a diet? You don’t need to be on a diet.” But my whole purpose of being on a diet is to get healthy and I noticed that the word diet had a negative connotation attached to it so I started calling it a Health Journey because it’s a journey to getting healthier. And after I started calling it a Health Journey people stopped questioning my purpose behind eating healthier.


What are some of the responses that you get when you call it a Health Journey?

I use that term a lot at work. And it’s really cute to see the kids use it now. They see me consistently eating healthier and saying its because I’m on a Health Journey. And I come into work a few weeks later and I hear them saying, “Oh, I’m on a Health Journey.”


Are you getting less of that negative push back when you’re not using the term diet?

Yes, because I’ll explain to people, “It’s not a diet, it’s a Health Journey.”



Laughs. When people think of diet, they think of, “Oh, you’re trying to lose weight. You’re not even fat. Why are you trying to lose weight?” It’s just like, “Well, I’m just trying to get healthier.”


What is the Health Journey to you? Cause I assume it’s different for different people. If we’re just talking about food, different foods affect different people differently. Does the Health Journey just come down to food?

No, the Health Journey isn’t just about food. It’s about taking care of your body, your mind and your spirit. It’s going to be different for everybody. Throughout the years I have tried different diet fads and throughout those times I’ve been able to observe how my body reacts to it. So I’ve developed a relationship with my body. Which is such a beautiful thing that you can actually develop a relationship with your body and you can turn it into a positive relationship. You guys help each other out.


What is something outside of food that is important in your Health Journey.

Reading is important to me. I feel like I gain more knowledge through reading. Of course, exercise is important to me.


Let’s name drop real quick again. What is something you’re reading right now?

I’m reading The Beautiful Struggle by Ta-Nehisi Coates.


What is that one about?

I just picked it up yesterday and it’s a memoir about a man’s struggle between living a life of intellect and book smarts and the life of the streets and the knowledge of being able to survive on the streets.


And you were saying that on this Health Journey that you’re ingesting things that are positive for your mind, body and soul. So what is something that you’re ingesting from this book that is helping you grow as a person?

I am learning about someone’s struggle through their life and their growth from adolescence to adulthood and how different it was from mine. And the struggles of a lot of black Americans, especially black American males.


I wish we could get more into it, but lets cut back to the blogging thing. What’s a typical blogging day like for you?

Waking up early and going to the gym so that I can continue to develop my gym and workout routine because I’m a noob when it comes to working out. I don’t have all of that knowledge so a lot of what I’m doing is trial and error. So, waking up early, going to the gym, coming back, taking care of my dogs, making sure that they’re walked and fed so they don’t bother me for a couple hours so that I can use that time to work on developing recipes, adjust the ratios, things like that. If I get the recipe down and I like it, I’ll take pictures. Since the lighting is pretty awful in my house, I’ll have to carry everything outside and take pictures out there so it’s kind of a process. But it always turns out pretty good cause I have that natural lighting since I’m outside taking pictures. If I feel like I have good photos then I’ll load them on my computer, I’ll pick out the best photos and usually the night before I would have already began working on the written content of the post so all that’s left to do is edit the content, and then publish it.


Were you a photographer before?

No, not at all.


So not only is it a learning curve of the blog but you’re learning how to take pictures too. And you’re learning how to hit up the gym, and learning a new work out routine that you’re developing yourself, learning about the Struggle. There’s a lot of learning going on in your life right now!

Yes! So I feel like when I begin promoting the blog, I might get a lot of hate from people because they might feel like I’m misleading them because I’m not a professional when it comes to healthy eating or fitness, but I try to be as honest and straight forward that these are all learning experiences that I’m going through and they’re constantly going to change and evolve. It’s just a lifestyle that I enjoy living by and it makes me happy and balanced.


Do you claim to be a professional nutritionist or Health Journeyer?

No! But I would say that I’m a Health Journeyer… if that’s even a word.


It is now. My unsolicited response to that is to quote Kanye quoting 50 Cent saying, “If they hate then let ‘em hate and watch the money pile up.”



So what are some of the things that have surprised you the most about blogging as far as difficulties and trials that you did not even think or expect to come across?

Managing my time. So working 8 hours a day…


So you still work full time?



So we’ve got learning how to blog, learning how to be a photographer, learning the gym thing, working full time as a supervisor, all at the same time. And you’ve got dogs. And a husband. That’s a lot of stuff.

It seems like it when you say it like that but I enjoy blogging, I love my husband and my dogs, so it doesn’t seem like work to me. Those are things that I want to spend my time doing. Prior to blogging, I invested all of my time and energy into my job. That’s all I thought about, that’s all I wanted to do. But once I started blogging, I’ve been pulled away from investing all of that energy into my actual job and I want to put it into the blog because I feel so much more passionate about the blog. The blog is what make me happy.


Saving troubled kids lives doesn’t make you happy?



I’m totally joking.

Yeah, but that’s what is most challenging. Even though my job is to help troubled youth, it’s not what I see myself doing the rest of my life. So I find myself wanting to be creating content for the blog more than working 8 hours a day.


So, time management is what it came down to.

Yeah. It’s definitely one of the challenges that I faced.


Can you give some examples of issues that poor time management caused in your life when it came to the balancing act of blogs, dogs, and jobs?

So sometimes I’ll pick up overtime shifts at work so I can get a little bit more income. And when I start on that path it tends to not stop. I’ll keep picking up overtime then the blog gets neglected then I start feeling kind of sad. I’m feeling like, “Man, I really want to be working on the blog right now.” So I’ll have to take a step back from working too much and then going back to doing things for the blog.


Have you finally struck the right balance between it all?

No, I’m still trying to balance the two out. They’ll go in waves, like, sometimes I’m doing really, really well with everything and sometimes I’m struggling a lot.


Would you say those are the toughest days you have when it comes to the blog? If you’re spending too much of your time at your day job and that’s taking time away from the blog and you get a little bit more down on yourself.

I get down on myself, I’m not eating as well as I should be, I’m not sleeping that well, I’ll stay up late, I’m not going to the gym. Everything starts to crumble and then I’ll start having to build the pieces and stack them back in an organized fashion again and feel like I’m starting all over again.


What gets you through those times? It sounds like it’s not just one day.

Yeah it’ll last a while sometimes. Sometimes it’ll last a day or two, sometimes it’ll last a couple weeks. My husband is definitely a big help because he’s very patient with me and he always encourages me to not feel bad if things aren’t perfect – if I’m not perfectly on this Health Journey. Because the bad foods, the not working out, that’s a part of the Health Journey too. So him reminding me of that is very helpful and him being so patient and encouraging is very, very helpful. Also, I’ll usually just get to a point where I’m just like, “I can’t take it anymore!” I’ll force myself to wake up early, go to the gym, and eat healthy that day. That’s, like, the perfect solution to jump start back on track again.


So the support that you get comes in a lot of encouragement and…. I don’t want to put words in your mouth, but grounding. Does that make sense? Like grounding you back in reality. Maybe the situation isn’t as bad as you might be making it out to be in your own mind. I think creative individuals tend to get down on themselves, for lack of a better way of saying it. They get stuck in their own heads and I suppose, in a way, catastrophize the events around them. So having that support outside of that to ground you back in reality and positively encourage you to get back on track is sounding like what’s really helpful for you.



What phase is your blog in right now?

It’s in its infancy.


Are we talking, like, third trimester?

I guess I could say it’s still in the womb. Barely gotten started on it. Not anywhere near what I imagine it to be, but definitely getting there. And I see its potential.


Do you set goals for yourself when it comes to the blog?



What is your nearest short term goal?

To revamp the blog with a different template so that it’s structured in a more organized fashion because I am a very organized person and organization makes me calm. Also, I have three posts that I am currently working on that I would like to have published when the blog is revamped with the new template.


What’s the ultimate long-term goal for the blog?

I don’t know if I have one. Right now, it’s probably just having consistent blog posts – once or twice a week. Also, having video content.


Are you a cinematographer?



So, something else to learn?



So, we heard about the importance of support from your husband, specifically, but what can people who aren’t your husband do to help support you through this creative endeavor?

Well, when I first started my blog, Andy from Me.Now. was extremely helpful and was a huge inspiration and motivating factor for me continuing to make sure that I’m working towards the goals that I set for myself every week and every day.


What’s some of the specific things that he did for you that kept you on that path?

He would call me once a week and we would talk for 30 minutes, well it was supposed to be 30 minutes but it would end up going on for like an hour, hour and a half. He would call me once a week and we would discuss the weekly goals that I had set for myself. Which ones I accomplished, the ones I wasn’t able to accomplish and even the ones that I wasn’t able to accomplish, we never viewed them as failures. We were just able to figure out how to alter goals to meet what would be more realistic for me to accomplish on a weekly basis. Then we would set more weekly goals and not just to the blog, but to other things that I felt were important to me. For example, I am not an avid reader but I want to become someone who is constantly reading books.


That’s part of your Health Journey.

Exactly, that’s part of my Health Journey. Sometimes, my weekly goal would be, “Ok, I’ve been sitting on this book for three weeks now and I really need to finish it because I want to be able to start a new book.” So it could be a goal of finishing a book but also there would be goals in regards to the blog, as well.


What does failure look like in your blogging endeavors?

Well, right now, I feel kind of down on myself and I feel like I’m failing the blog cause I’m neglecting it. The template that I want costs money so my husband and I have to wait until we get paid and have to calculate our finances. So we made a goal to revamp the blog and then start posting again. Sometimes I’ll look at past posts and I’ll critique it to where, “Man, I wish this photo is the first photo that the viewer would see.” Or, “I wish I had worded this like this.” So revisiting old posts and critiquing it could affect me negatively.


What do you take away from those negative feelings and those failures?

I think about how the next post will be better. I think about applying that sort of feedback to myself to future posts.


Off the top of your head can you think of the most difficult day in your endeavors with the blog?

Probably finding time to photograph. Because I have to take everything outside and it has to be at the right time of day. And since I live in the Pacific Northwest it’s constantly cloudy or raining so there isn’t always good lighting. You have to wake up early to make sure you have enough time in the day. But sometimes I have to work in the morning so by the time I get home, the sun is going down and I don’t have enough time to photograph.


Do you have any plans on mitigating that problem in any way?

Purchasing better equipment, like lighting. But that’s probably not going to be an immediate thing. Time management is helpful. My husband is going to help with photography and so, I’ll tell him my plans for a blog post and have things ready for him to photograph, he would know exactly what to do. So that’s an immediate solution.


What are some of the drawbacks to following this thing you’re passionate about.

Trying to figure out an understandable theme for the blog. For example, when you go on the Internet and you’re looking at bloggers, it’s easy to know right away if it’s a fashion blogger or a vegan recipe blog or a fitness blogger. It’s really easy to do that, but for me I don’t really have one specific theme that I’m trying to blog about. There are a lot of categories that I’m trying to post about so I can’t classify it into one things and I think that might throw people off when visiting the blog since it isn’t a distinct thing.


What are some of the downfalls, if any?

Is there a downfall if you’re following your passion?


Well, you tell me! I think some people might have some, some people might not. It sounds like you keep a pretty positive perspective on the whole thing. Even on your toughest days, you seem to still find a way to learn a lesson from whatever’s going on so that it can better in the future. But I don’t know. Maybe not having enough time to spend time with friends, might be a drawback.

Mmm… No! Laughs


Laughs, “I’m antisocial!”

I would rather be working and pursuing my passion than be out and social all the time. Every once in a while I’ll make time but the majority of my free time, I would rather it go towards my passion. So really I don’t see a downfall to following your passion. There will be trials and difficult moments but that goes along with anything that we choose to do. But it feels so good to finally feel like I’m doing something and I’m doing it for me and not for somebody else. Because I’ve spent the majority of my life doing things and choosing paths that I felt other people would be proud of and I just found myself being unhappy and this is the first time in my life where I’m following what I want to do, following my passion, and it feels amazing. Even though it might be challenging, even though it might not be the most prestigious thing that people look up to. It’s what makes me happy and that’s really all that matters to me.


So, you found that elusive creature they call happiness.

Yeah, well in one aspect.


Have you made sacrifices following your passion?



Like what?

I can’t dedicate as much time and effort into my job and that is a bit of a sacrifice to me. Those kids count on me and I want to be there for them but I also have to make sure that I’m being there for myself too.


What wouldn’t you sacrifice for your passion?

I would say, like, “I wouldn’t sacrifice my husband for my passion.” But I don’t think that’s a realistic answer because my husband would never, ever present that sort of ultimatum. Yeah, that’s a really hard question to answer. I don’t know. I don’t think there is anything that I can… When you’re following your passion, are you really sacrificing anything to pursue it? I guess I had to sacrifice investing less time at work but that wasn’t a challenge for me because ultimately my passions are bigger than me.


So what are the next steps for the blog?

Revamping it and consistent posts. And then eventually promoting it when I finally gain the courage to do that.


What’s the level of response that you’re hoping to see when you do finally start promoting it.

You know, I never though of that. I never really thought about how my audience would respond to it. The way I thought of the blog is a place where I can archive my life’s journey and one day I’m going to have children and my children can look at that and have a place to go to learn more about the things that their mother is passionate about. But I guess I would like people to respond in a way where they feel inspired to take better care of themselves because they learn to trust their minds and their bodies and their souls to help them evolve into the best version of themselves.


This is kind of a regressive question, but did you have that kind of person that you looked up to as far as a Health Journey went? Did someone inspire you to take better care of your mind, soul and body?

Yeah I would say the first person that ever helped me question that idea of a soul and taking care of it was an ex-boyfriend of mine. He really lived a life of healthy eating and meditation and martial arts and I learned a lot from him. He would probably be the first person that introduced me to that way of living.


So as you know, Me.Now. is about courage, commitment, and community. In the spirit of community, with these interviews, we like to share some of these lessons that we can pass on down to the next generation of would-be bloggers, in your case, or Health Journeyers… Health Sojourners. What are some of the biggest lessons that you have learned so far that you would want the next generation to know so that they can improve the craft beyond what we are capable of right now?

I would say experiment with different things. If the thought comes to mind that you want to try something, try it out, so you can learn more about yourself and you can learn what you’re passionate about. For example, I grew up feeling very envious of the individuals that knew what they were passionate about from a young age. And I always wished I knew that for myself. And I feel like if I experimented more from when I was younger, even if someone told me, “No, that’s a waste of time,” but tried it out for myself, then I think I would have found my craft a lot sooner. But I am grateful that I found something even at this age. And so I would say don’t be afraid to put yourself out there and be vulnerable so you can find what it is that motivates you to pursue your passions.


Words of wisdom from the original Health Sojourner here, Mrs. Mariko Phillips. Thank you so much for joining us and spreading the gospel of passion.

Thank you for having me!


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