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Inspirational perspective from a dedicated fitness professional, committed mother and passionate community servant. Christie Bruner, lovingly known as ‘Coach Christie,’ shares how confidence, passion and courage allowed her to pursue her dreams.

Listen to Christie’s full interview here – her story in her own words 

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Interview by Andrew Bustamante
May 2017

Spending 30 minutes with fitness-guru and St. Petersburg, Florida community cornerstone Christie Bruner is a joyride in encouragement and wisdom. A proud mother of three, business owner and community leader, Christie credits her success to family and a steadfast belief that change is possible.

Me.Now. had the opportunity to interview Christie on a beautiful spring morning in sunny Florida. Shortly after shaking hands and sharing introductions, it was clear that Christie’s positive energy was just as full of life as the day outside. It is no surprise that this woman has garnered a dedicated and passionate following among children and adults alike for her fitness expertise, kindness and unwavering commitment to personal improvement.

Christie’s journey started as an  Americorps  volunteer in 2002 where she became a community fitness leader based in south St. Petersburg. Three short years later, Christie had planted her own roots in the area by getting married and having her first child. A new mom and young wife, Christie noticed that the larger community had no way to connect new moms with a consistent social or fitness outlet. A business was born – Baby Boot Camp St Petersburg  and Christie led the way for countless mothers and children to discover and rediscover fitness while visiting the picturesque parks in St. Petersburg, Florida.

Since successfully selling her business, Christie has doubled down on her efforts as a community organizer. Christie is a core member in St. Petersburg’s growing fitness movement and has taken the Youth Wellness Director role for the 2017 St Pete Run Fest. She is dedicated to setting an example for her children by demonstrating teamwork, community and commitment in everything she does. A lifelong swimmer, Christie still coaches children and adult swim classes in her backyard. You can find her most mornings greeting the sunrise with her sunglasses and swimsuit… and at least one child squealing with joy as they swim for the first time on their own.

You can contact Christie or follow her blog at . Her message of courage, commitment and community is inspiring a new and better world today. Me.Now. is proud to AMPLIFY Christie Bruner and looks forward to seeing the realization of her vision for tomorrow.