Stronger Together

The Me.Now. Movement is a community of driven, passionate achievers that recognize they are stronger together than apart.

Great movements drive change, mold paradigms and shape history. 

“Surround yourself only with those 
who will lift you higher.”
–  Oprah Winfrey

Me.Now. is dedicated to being a constructive force for inspiration, exploration, and positive change now and always.

Me.Now. is the realization of our founder’s passion for leadership, communication and entrepreneurship.

A purpose driven start-up still in early development, Me.Now. offers motivational mentoring through our free blog, social media recognition (#MeNowAmplify), member collaborations and 1:1 mentoring with Andy. We will be introducing virtual forums, new media content, self-guided exercises and in-person seminars to connect our members together in the coming months.

It is time for passion, ambition and encouragement to build the bridge to a better future. We can change the status quo and challenge the world – become an early adopter.  

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How it Works

Step 1: Follow Us Today

Follow our  Blog and social media using #MeNowMovement to share our message of courage and change!

Step 2: Grow With Others

Connect on our Join Uspage to find groups, meet mentors or work directly with founder Andrew Bustamante.

Step 3: Live Deliberately

Let your passion change the world with us! Live your commitment, find encouragement and inspire others.

Movement is Growth

All great movements sprout from a strong belief: independence, equality, justice, quality of life and others. Me.Now. believes that greatness exists in people with great passion.

For too many, passions become sidelined over time in favor of a more mundane ‘fit’ within the world.

Over time our ambitions rekindle and drive us to pursue new and exciting ideas.

The Me.Now. Movement is about trusting that indomitable drive to achieve and actualizing the goals it inspires. Only when great passions are pursued can new discovery happen. 

Community is at our core. Each of us are a part and a product of the community that surrounds us. Our social environment at home, at work, in our neighborhoods and online shape who we are today and who we will become tomorrow.


Whether you are just discovering your passions or have known them for years, Me.Now. welcomes you to join us in pursuit of achievement.