“Me.Now. is like fuel for the Soul! I have been lucky enough to be part of the community since it’s inception. From day one, Mr. Bustamante has provided me the networking resources and skills to unlock my potential. When uncertainty encroached upon my inspiration and courage to take risk in regards to employment, Me.Now. fueled my drive. Upon separation from the military, I felt I had lost a major part of my identity and felt my worth to the workforce was minimal due to not understanding how to translate my skillset. I reached out to Mr. Bustamante and began to seek advice from the community. Within just three months I was sitting down with multiple prospective employers and six months later I was hired into the workforce with a company offering me more than the military salary I was used to. My success would not have been possible if not for Mr. Bustamante and the community at ME.NOW.  As a nuclear reaction is an occurrence from bombardment of energy particles upon an atomic nucleus, Me.Now. is equivalent in bombarding participants with positivity and motivation. They continued to propel me forward, guide me and give me positive energy. Thank you to Me.Now.!” July 2017

  Francisco – Willamette Valley, OR

“After more than forty years of being in business and dealing with hundreds of people that want my time or money, it was refreshing to finally meet an individual that was genuinely concerned about me and my interests. I can say with all sincerity that Andy is that person. From our first meeting to our last, Andy listened and learned about my challenges. He invested the necessary time to develop a clear understanding of my issues and the road blocks I was facing. He made personal sacrifices to help me move forward. Armed with the knowledge he rooted out, Andy delivered hard core business advice that was prudent and practical. Following his recommendations produced solid, measurable results and helped me to move closer to my end goals. He has become my go-to guy for sound business advice and should be yours. Andy has certainly earned my highest recommendation. He has continually surprised me with his words of wisdom that lead to workable solutions. He has earned my highest praise. Please do not hesitate to contact me directly if you need additional information.” July 2017  

  Stan – Plant City, FL

“I was turned on to the Me.Now.Movement in December of last year by an old friend who aired a podcast with Andrew. In listening to Andrew speak about the movement, I felt the words slide into place in my heart, overlaying what I already knew I wanted but didn’t have the presence of mind to focus on getting. The Me.Now.Movement has turned my attention inward; to building new rooms and fresh spaces to explore the passions that lie within me. To dust off the old plans and revisit them. I would invite anyone who similarly wishes to bring about their best self by valuing the present to explore with Andrew and the community he has built. I am confident that, through diligence and commitment, the Me.Now.Movement will help you to reach your old goals, refine the rusty ones into new and improved ideas, and re-frame the interior of your life into bigger, and more purposeful spaces.” June 2017

  Will – Richmond, VA

“I invited Andrew Bustamante to speak at the final session of a Youth Leadership program hosted by the Malayalee Association of Tampa. The participants, primarily high school and middle school students, were amazed by his presentation. He has a very professional and unique approach to presenting his ideas with vivid imagery spanning his multiple experiences.  The highlight of the event was how he made not only the youth but also their parents understand the meaning of Teamwork, Listening and Leadership. His audience held onto him as if he was the pied piper, not letting go of him until he left the building.” May 2017

  Vijayn – Tampa, FL

“As a young and hopeful 20-something with lots of ambitions, my constant struggle with anxiety has often proved to be an immense obstacle in the path to achieving my goals. Speaking with Andrew Bustamante on a weekly basis has truly helped me refocus all of my ambitions into a coherent mindset and strategy for achieving my goals. Andrew has helped me commit to fulfilling my ambition of creating a career in public speaking. Typically, such an unconventional career approach with virtually no inherent guarantees would cause my anxiety to go through the roof. However, speaking with Andrew and clarifying my goals has allowed me to tap into the confidence I need to accomplish such an endeavor. My journey has truly just begun; however, I feel ready to take on the challenge and confident in my capabilities to achieve. Andrew has helped illuminate the motivations and inspirations within me that used to be dormant.” May 2017

  Neema – Berlin, Germany

“I work in a profession where individuals who work for themselves are highly rewarded, but I had trouble breaking away from my routine work to strike out on my own. Andy Bustamante immediately saw potential within me when we met that I had not yet seen in myself.  Through Me.Now. and with Andy’s encouragement I am finally constructing a career path where I am independent and experiencing a new sense of satisfaction from my work. Andy helped me build the confidence to begin my journey, provided me with support to weather times of storms and direction to guide me through the fog of doubt.  I consider him to be my personal lighthouse!” April 2017

  Capt. Jim – St. Petersburg, FL

“I began the journey to write my first book and become a published author in 2015. By March 2016 I had completed the majority of my book but experienced major writers block and stopped writing for several months. By that point all I needed to do was make the changes recommended to me by my editor for the final content edit. For some unknown reason, I was unable to find the drive needed to finish my book. I felt like my goal of becoming a published author was just within reach, but was quickly slipping out of my fingertips. All the uncertainty and doubt I experienced disappeared when I connected with the Me.Now. Movement and began working with Andrew. Through his encouraging and positive mentoring, he literally transformed my goal of becoming a published author into a reality. I was able to find the motivation and inspiration that I needed and was able to complete my book within one week. My book will now be published in early Spring 2017! I cannot thank Andrew and the Me.Now. Movement enough for making my dream a reality!” December 2016

Emma   – Alexandria, VA

“Me.Now. is not so much of a movement or a social network as it is a lifestyle. The philosophy, reminiscent of Carol Dweck’s Growth Mindset, targets the fundamentals of meaningful results: motivation and inspiration. Mr. Bustamante possesses a unique ability to beguile those fundamentals to forge something beautiful. The Me.Now. Movement is on the horizon and I would be honored to champion the vision that Mr. Bustamante brings.” November 2016

 Will  – Portland, OR

“Conversations with Andy leave me energized, empowered, and focused. His friendly but firm style leads me to honestly assess myself and the landscape of my business opportunities.  Whether I need to discuss my next “big idea”, fine-tune my strategy, or determine the next baby-step to take, I’m grateful that Andy is just a phone-call away to direct my passion into progress.” October 2016

 Garrett – Scottsdale, AZ