The most intense, focused resolve that I ever witnessed came in the form of a K9 police dog takedown. As part of a military training exercise in 2003, I watched a military police trained German Shepherd sight, close, and attack a mock-suspect. What impressed me the most during the demo was not the control and precision of the K9 handler, but rather the unwavering commitment from the animal to complete its assigned task. The dog moved like a targeted missile, closing the distance quickly without a moment’s hesitation after being given the command. It struck the mock-suspect hard, dedicating every bit of strength, focus, and ferocity to neutralizing the perceived threat.

For those watching with me, we knew how the exercise would end. The whole scenario was rigged, after all. The suspect was wearing a padded suit, knew where the animal would strike, and had multiple safety spotters – to include the K9 handling officer. It was an exercise with a limited time-frame where nobody was going to get hurt. After a few seconds, the K9 officer would give the stop command and the audience would smile and praise the impressive display. We all knew that… except the dog. For the dog, there was no ‘routine exercise’. The dog had one objective only: takedown the target by any means necessary. For the animal, the padded suits, staged theatrics, and amused spectators were inconsequential to the decision to attack.

With 2017 upon us and the question of what (if any?) resolutions to set, I find myself taking a lesson from that brave police dog. Too often we treat the changes we want to make as if they are only exercises or experiments; demonstrations for a closed audience and a limited time. We become distracted by fear, fun, or frustration and lose some of our original commitment to the objective. This year, I challenge all people to consider their goals through the lens of that K9, where success is the only option. We all want to overcome some aspect of our life that keeps us from where we want to be. This year, I propose we attack that goal with ferocity and resolve that is blind to distraction.

Before we all bolt off with teeth bared and hair raised, keep in mind that no K9 operates alone. Every dog has a K9 handler and only together are the pair an effective team. They train, sleep, eat, live and serve together. They are family, friends and partners. The community they have with one another is what allows them to stare fear in the face and stand resolute. As you consider the fight ahead to reach your ambitions, know that our community is ready to stand with you. Resolve is always greater together.


Momentum is a powerful force. Whether looking through the lens of physical science or sports fan terminology, momentum always includes two key principles: movement and strength. Me.Now. shares the same principles and dedicates this blog to looking back on 30 days worth of mounting momentum.

In the days and weeks before launching Me.Now. I felt a building momentum; the momentum against launching the site. The unspoken reality of momentum is that it can work both for us and against us. In my case, a series of technology challenges, time demands, professional commitments and flat out personal doubts had created a tidal wave of reasons against launching and pursuing my dream for the Me.Now. Movement. I was hounded by fears of embarrassment, failure and the possibility of wasted time and energy. Fortunately, I had a network of supporters that encouraged me to keep pushing forward despite what I perceived to be mounting odds against me.

Looking at Me.Now. today, I see a whole different momentum building. Our community continues to grow and website visits have entered consistently into the double-digits daily. One in our ranks has had a breakthrough victory and has promised a testimonial to share the success with the rest of us. New members in the movement have found renewed confidence and excitement to pursue passions and interests that only weeks ago seemed evasive or unrealistic. Even this small blog has had feedback and praise exponentially more positive than I could have ever imagined. Where many of us once felt alone in discouragement and doubt, now we find courage and hope as we gather together.

For those members, mentors, and curious few reading this post, Me.Now. has a promise for you. We will not let this mounting momentum go to waste. Me.Now. has plans to reach out locally, increase social media engagement, create compelling content and boldly share our message of confidence, encouragement, and community as we enter the new year. Your support as early adopters has made these first 30 days possible!  Me.Now. is committed to carrying the momentum you’ve built into the coming months and beyond.

We are seeing the impact of positive momentum. If you find inspiration in these posts and pages, know that you are always welcome here and can Join Us anytime. If you are unsure about joining but want to aid in our vision, feel free to share our message using the social media shortcuts on this page or by subscribing to the blog. Anything is possible as 2016 fades away and 2017 prepares its grand entrance. Me.Now. looks forward to celebrating the possibilities with all of you.


Conventional thought dictates that we prioritize pragmatism over idealism. To even question why the one takes precedence over the other will likely earn a blank stare and an awkward chuckle from most people. Because we have been conditioned to share our idealism cautiously, most of our interpersonal interactions – with strangers, coworkers, family and friends – are superficial or passive. For this reason, the natural creativity and originality that springs from our collective idealism gets bottle-necked as we favor a more ordinary existence.

To many, ordinary fits well. Routine and repetition bring comfort and predictability. Because conventional thought is derived from the ideas of the majority, those individuals who struggle with the mundane can feel discouraged in their pursuit of the new and original. For them, ordinary does not fit quite so well.

Rather than expect the idealistic, creative, and adventurous to ‘fit in’ to the world, I challenge us to consider the opposite. Too few carry the passion and vision to explore beyond the ordinary. Ordinary is convenient, it is commonplace, it is easy to reproduce and even easier to understand. Ordinary is a like a men’s size 10.5 shoe. Worn by 68% of the male American Population, a size 10.5 shoe is as unremarkable, mundane, and conventional as it gets.

While the world is full of people with a size 10.5 shoe, consider those that do not ‘fit’ that size. Professional basketball players (size 14), performance swimmers (size 12), and Olympic sprinters (size 13) are on the far end of the shoe size bell curve. Opposite them we find conquering warriors from the past like Genghis Khan and Alexander the Great with shoe sizes between 7-9. To these extraordinary individuals, it would be ludicrous to try and fit into a size 10.5 shoe. It would be the wrong fit. It would be uncomfortable. It would diminish their natural abilities.

Just as we do not see pro athletes or commanding generals hobbling around trying to fit into the ordinary shoe, we should not let ordinary thinking hinder our passions or creativity. If the fit is wrong, the performance suffers. Generations of social, cultural and even familial standards built the foundation for today’s conventional mindset. How much more impressive, then, are those born from traditional roots but with the vision and purpose to explore beyond the ordinary. With idealism comes hope and courage; and from hope and courage comes growth.

We are surrounded by attendants for the commonplace. Business, education, politics, and even art continually reward those who comply with the status quo and adhere to direction. It will be a proportionate minority who ultimately persevere to bring about evolutionary advancements in industry, science and society. It will not be the pragmatists who shepherd us to new discovery; it will be the idealists.