Momentum is a powerful force. Whether looking through the lens of physical science or sports fan terminology, momentum always includes two key principles: movement and strength. Me.Now. shares the same principles and dedicates this blog to looking back on 30 days worth of mounting momentum.

In the days and weeks before launching Me.Now. I felt a building momentum; the momentum against launching the site. The unspoken reality of momentum is that it can work both for us and against us. In my case, a series of technology challenges, time demands, professional commitments and flat out personal doubts had created a tidal wave of reasons against launching and pursuing my dream for the Me.Now. Movement. I was hounded by fears of embarrassment, failure and the possibility of wasted time and energy. Fortunately, I had a network of supporters that encouraged me to keep pushing forward despite what I perceived to be mounting odds against me.

Looking at Me.Now. today, I see a whole different momentum building. Our community continues to grow and website visits have entered consistently into the double-digits daily. One in our ranks has had a breakthrough victory and has promised a testimonial to share the success with the rest of us. New members in the movement have found renewed confidence and excitement to pursue passions and interests that only weeks ago seemed evasive or unrealistic. Even this small blog has had feedback and praise exponentially more positive than I could have ever imagined. Where many of us once felt alone in discouragement and doubt, now we find courage and hope as we gather together.

For those members, mentors, and curious few reading this post, Me.Now. has a promise for you. We will not let this mounting momentum go to waste. Me.Now. has plans to reach out locally, increase social media engagement, create compelling content and boldly share our message of confidence, encouragement, and community as we enter the new year. Your support as early adopters has made these first 30 days possible!  Me.Now. is committed to carrying the momentum you’ve built into the coming months and beyond.

We are seeing the impact of positive momentum. If you find inspiration in these posts and pages, know that you are always welcome here and can Join Us anytime. If you are unsure about joining but want to aid in our vision, feel free to share our message using the social media shortcuts on this page or by subscribing to the blog. Anything is possible as 2016 fades away and 2017 prepares its grand entrance. Me.Now. looks forward to celebrating the possibilities with all of you.


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